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Détail de l'offre: Logistics Agent (M/F)

  • Société: UPS France
  • Secteur d'Activité: Autres Catégories
  • Région du poste: Sans Précision
  • Type de poste: Logistics Agent (M/F)
  • Contrat: Sans Précision
  • Formation:
  • Lieu de travail: La Courneuve
  • Date d'embauche: NC
  • Salaire: 0.00
  • Référence: NC

Description du Poste:

#MONPOSTJob DescriptionThe Logistics Operator is responsible for handling, preparing and shipping goods. These tasks require the Logistics Agent to be highly adaptable and to develop versatility. For these duties, a lift truck operator qualification may be required. He or she carries out all tasks in accordance with the company's operating methods and Quality and Values Initiatives. Depending on the size of the Site, the Logistics Agent might carry out all or some of the tasks listed below. For some positions, administrative tasks may play the most significant role. The Logistics Agent position is broken down as follows: - Logistics Agent - Logistics Agent/Lift Truck Operator - Logistics/Administrative Agent TasksOPERATIONAL Reception • Greet carriers and verify the transportation order • Unload incoming goods manually or using a machine • Check the quantity and condition of delivery units • Verify products qualitatively and quantitatively using the delivery order documents and the client code • Fill out documentation or record and validate information on the appropriate media • Package and label products • Electronically record reception • Assist in filing and archiving documents Storage of goods • Store the products on shelves manually or using the appropriate equipment and in accordance with established procedures (compliance with the storage zone organization) • Perform data entry associated with stock movements Prepare orders • Reach the location indicated on the preparation order by following the established routes • Remove the products in accordance with the list drawn up • Prepare orders and place them in their packaging, if applicable • Verify the content of the preparation and sign the preparation document • Place the orders in the shipping zone • Verify the content of the order preparation Shipping • Verify the content of the order preparation • Package the goods, using consumables that are appropriate for the transport selected and for the destination • Edit the delivery order and the carrier label and attach them to the package, ensuring that the addresses match • Greet the carrier and carry out a qualitative and quantitative inspection of the delivery units • Load the goods in the carrier vehicle (using appropriate equipment if necessary) in accordance with the driver's instructions. Assist with sealing • Carry out the transfer of responsibility by having the driver sign a summary note of the loaded goods • Assist in filing and archiving documents QUALITY, HEALTH & SAFETY • Follow and apply the health and safety rules put in place within the company • Check, clean and take care of the materials and equipment provided to him or her • Contribute to compliance with the Quality standards • Report any malfunctions to the supervisor ADDITIONAL TASKS • Assist with inventories (tallying, seeking deviations, data entry) • Carry out any one-time tasks for which he or she is qualified, as assigned by the Supervisor Other Job RequirementsLoad-handling qualification CACES (safe driving certificate) 1 to 5 Knowledge of the stock storage principle Basic knowledge of the various inventory techniques Proficiency in the IT environment Able to read and proficiency in the 4 basic math operations (+, -, x, ÷) Ability to work independently Diligence Logical reasoning Attention to customer service Communication Versatility Level of Education and Professional ExperienceElementary diploma level
Niveau de Formation: Non précisé

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